Saturday, August 30, 2014

thanks to STORYCODE SG for hosting our recent CAPTAIN CARDBOARD storyhacking workshop

Hello fellow readers. You are amazing. And time really flies. We had a wonderful time making friends and prototyping comic strips at the recent CAPTAIN CARDBOARD workshop. Thanks to everyone who came down and shared your creativity! Here's a nice write up by Marco Sparmberg on Medium, where he explains our storyhacking process, complete with the slides and worksheets so you can try this out at home too:
Captain Carboard VS Bruce Boh  
An ad-hoc storyhacking workshop from comics to cardboards
"For our StoryCode Singapore August LAB we teamed up with local writer Don Bosco and helped him to prototype the very first workshop for his latest social transmedia project. 
Don, being a tech savvy children’s content author, uses apps and other add-on functions to bring his books and novels to life. With his company Super Cool Books he tries to find new ways of giving written words a “second screen” and more immersive impact."
Read the article here 

It's the same process that I used to create this Captain Cardboard strip using the online Strip Generator tool (and some Photoshop to add the cardboard textures):

And here are the slides from the event:

About StoryCodeSG:
"StoryCode is an open-source, global community for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers. By developing, incubating and exhibiting innovative, immersive story forms, StoryCode serves creators, technologists and distributors of cross-platform narrative content. We invite enthusiasts and professionals alike “to storycode” — simply meaning, to tell a story in a new way, using the bounty of new tools at our disposal. Born out of the Singapore Transmedia Meetup group the StoryCode Singapore chapter continues to advocate and educate about new forms and formats of narrative experiences set in the media business context of Singapore as well as the South-East Asian region."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

read the latest SHERLOCK HONG mystery on Kindle!

~ now on Kindle ~

Year: 1891
Place: Singapore, Crown Colony

Join the young Sherlock Hong, newest member of the International Order of Young Seekers, as he works with his friend Aisha to investigate secret conspiracies, expose criminal masterminds and solve braintwisting mysteries.

Book 1: The Immortal Nightingale
Book 2: The Peranakan Princess
Book 3: The Scroll of Greatness
+ more coming

Read on Kindle, iBooks, B&N, Scribd, Smashwords, Kobo and more. Imagine the adventure! Brought to you by Super Cool Books.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CLiC @ Sentul Raya (KL) hosted DIARY OF YOUNG JUSTICE BAO reading carnival + the kids had a fantastic time!

All photos by Brain Bytes

Thanks to the energetic educators at FrogAsia and Brain Bytes in Malaysia, students and teachers from around Sentul (KL) will be having fun exploring the thrilling story world of DIARY OF YOUNG JUSTICE BAO this year.

The extended reading carnival kicked off last week as part of the new learning programme at CLiC (Creative Learning and IT Centre, Level 2, UTC Sentul in Sentul Perdana) @ Sentul Raya. This space used to be an old neighbourhood library, and it's now been upgraded with Chromebook laptops, internet stations and lots of exciting new books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Distinguished guests at the launch included YB Senator Dato' Dr. Loga Bala Mohan; Secretary General, Ministry of Education Tan Sri Dr. Madinah Mohamad; Chairman of Sentul Raya Sdn Bhd Y.Bhg Dato’ Suleiman Abdul Manan; Executive Director of YTL Foundation, Y.Bhg Datin Kathleen Yeoh; and FrogAsia’s Managing Director, Yeoh Pei Lou.

The first story session was led by trainer Md Indera, and he took the children on a great journey of the imagination as they enacted scenes from DIARY OF YOUNG JUSTICE BAO. They also completed various creative activities that expanded their awareness of the different reading and communication strategies available to them.

The students were totally fascinated by the exploits of the young and brave investigator Bao Zheng, together with his friend Jade Lu and the masked crime fighter Zhan Zhao.

Jimmy Leong and his Brain Bytes team designed a highly immersive learning environment with giant displays, custom illustrated worksheets and physical props inspired by the book. The kids had fun using these to express themselves and complete the activities, which included creating a family tree project based on their own relationships and composing an official notice on behalf of Governor Chong, accusing Jade Lu's father of treachery.

The crowd was most tickled when the big and friendly Kuntum mascot made an appearance. Kuntum is a popular magazine for kids in Malaysia, and they organise outings and workshops too. There was also a choir performance by students from SMK Seri Bintang Utara, a tour of the learning facilities, and a demonstration of the Frog VLE (virtual learning environment).

Thanks again to FrogAsia’s Elizabeth Lopez and the FrogAsia team for putting together this inspiring initiative!

Together with Brain Bytes in Malaysia, we're planning more events based on Super Cool Books stories like Diary of Young Justice Bao, The Peranakan Princess (Sherlock Hong series) and Halo Island. To order our titles in Malaysia or signup for workshops, contact Brain Bytes at:

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Download Super Cool Books worksheets here 
and get your free BukuGuru kit here!

Monday, August 4, 2014

the stuff that spits stories into the world + long awaited SHERLOCK HONG update

The editing desk at Super Cool Books.
Head over to Medium and read my new article: THE STUFF THAT SPITS STORIES INTO THE WORLD | Introducing the setup I rely on to create fiction, sell books and have fun

In which I reveal some fascinating behind-the-scenes info:
. my eccentric approach to creating a work space
. the "chew, spit, rinse" method of getting stuff done
. what my dream setup might look like
. the biggest time saving trick/life hack secret that I picked up

All three Sherlock Hong mysteries are now available on the major ebook platforms! Grab them quick — The Immortal Nightingale (#1), The Peranakan Princess (#2), The Scroll of Greatness (#3) — and enter the amazing world of Sherlock Hong, enthusiastic and overly imaginative new member of the International Order of Young Seekers. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CAPTAIN CARDBOARD story hackathon: make & publish your own cardboard comic strip!

We're looking forward to our big collaboration with StoryCode Singapore, happening on Mon August 18 at the UP Singapore hackathon/meetup space. In just one fun-packed session you'll get a complete hands on experience of the amazing creative process:

. how to develop a simple story concept
. how to quickly turn this into story ideas and scripts
. how to prototype your sequential story art
. how to share this on social media

Full details here, and if you have any questions do send the Event Host (Marco) a message: 

Click to enlarge: