Tuesday, October 21, 2014

mystery is in the air, and in our books too

Been a busy day here at the studio. Went over lots of designs and illustrations that our artists are creating for some new projects. Also spent time working on the Erika Lind series, which has been slightly delayed, but you can still expect two more books before Christmas. And of course the Super Cool Books iPad app: we're talking to some really brilliant people about doing something special with this. Hush hush for now but all will be revealed soon. Take care and enjoy your reading!


Year: 1891
Place: Singapore, Crown Colony

Join young Sherlock Hong, newest member of the International Order of Young Seekers, as he works with his friend Aisha to investigate secret conspiracies, expose criminal masterminds and solve braintwisting mysteries.

Book 1: The Immortal Nightingale
Book 2: The Peranakan Princess
Book 3: The Scroll of Greatness
+ more coming 

Follow the series on Kindle, iBooks, B&N, Scribd, Smashwords, Kobo and more. Imagine the adventure! Brought to you by Super Cool Books. Download the iPad app here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

read our book, join the fun, bring your stories to life @ Sentul Raya (KL, Malaysia)

Thanks to Jimmy from Brain Bytes for these pictures. That's him in 
the bottom left photo, coaching the children.

Kids love to read thrilling mysteries. They enjoy making up and writing their own stories. And they totally have fun acting out all the exciting and funny bits! Of course, they also get to learn so much along the way. They discover new and amazing things about the world, they develop communication skills, and they get more confident expressing themselves. That’s what we’ve been experiencing at the English Enrichment Programme series conducted by our partner Brain Bytes at Sentul Raya (KL/Malaysia), organised by YTL Land, DBKL and FrogAsia. It's a reading and creative carnival based on our mystery series Diary of Young Justice Bao. Now that we’re getting so many requests for a new book, you know what I’ll be busy with this December. :) 

If you’d like to organise something similar in Malaysia or around the region, do contact info@brainbytes.org. And you can check out the ebook version on our iPad app.

all we need is to read, think, wonder and dream


Money buys
food, clothes, toys
and a roof over my head,

but if I can't
read, think, wonder and dream

I'd feel poor and half-dead.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

sad stories can have a special magic


When we know
the sadness
of regret,

we read sad stories
to remember
not to forget.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


The Phoenix Awakens (My Blade Quest series #1) is one of the first stories published by Super Cool Books. It's about two orphans, Jay and his sister Shu. One day, they learn that their lives will be destroyed unless they find the Blade of the Southern Phoenix in time. But how will they survive the dangers? Who can they trust? What is the secret of the Blade Quest card game that their father invented? Join them in this gripping adventure! Every step counts.

You can read this story on the latest version of our ebookstore app for iPad, which comes with a free ebook: The Immortal Nightingale by Don Bosco (Sherlock Hong series #1). The future belongs to the young and brave!

Download the iPad app from the App Store.