Monday, September 26, 2016

IMAGINE ALL THIS _____ My new book gives you the creative tools to use your imagination and create your own stories, launching soon

Hello! Here is our new book. I am waving my wizard wand (aka ballpoint pen) and imagining that it will bring everyone lots of joy and success after you read it. More information below, and also here's a link for you to order it direct from the publisher, Marshall Cavendish. The paperback will be in local bookstores around the middle of October, and available through international retailers around April 2017. You can read some excerpts (early drafts) here, here and here.

Happy writing! :)

— D

Buy this book from Marshall Cavendish direct here:

by Don Bosco
(Marshall Cavendish Editions)
ISBN — 9789814771153

Ever wanted to write your own stories? Here's a fun and inspiring guide to get you started. This book will help you use your imagination in clever ways and turn your ideas into a great story experience.

All the basics of writing fiction are covered:

— how to create captivating characters
— how to build a rich storyworld
— how to plan and plot
— how to write scenes
— how to manage your creative process
— how to explore different genres, and more

This book also contains creative journal pages, specially designed to help you capture your ideas, chart your creative journey, and finish that story or book that you've been dreaming about.

About the Author
Don Bosco is an award-winning writer and publisher. His own stories are inspired by Asian legends and pop culture. He started the publishing studio Super Cool Books in 2011. Two of his series, Sherlock Hong and Lion City Adventures were co-published with Marshall Cavendish for international distribution. He is a local co-organiser for StoryCode Singapore, which promotes transmedia storytelling across multiple platforms. He maintains an influential blog, and has also been a featured speaker at content creation events. He used to write magazine features, TV scripts and film treatments.

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IMAGINE ALL THIS actually came out of my 100 WRITERS project, a support group for fiction writers who want to publish their own stories. Find out more about us here.

After my story writing workshop at the All In! Young Writers Festival 2016, I was interviewed by some of the student reporters, read their post here.

I was recently interviewed for #CreateYourLife thanks to Joyce Chua. Lots of personal thoughts about how I first got interested in writing, my secret Hollywood training, my superhero power as a writer, new books coming, and the books and music and people that inspire me every day. So create your life in your own way too! :)

Read the interview here:

Saturday, September 24, 2016

SCBWI SG _____ We are SCBWI Singapore and we love to create stories for children. Will you join us?

TOP: SCBWI Singapore members (from left): Adan Jimenez, Felicia Low-Jimenez, Melanie Lee, Catherine Carvell, Don Bosco at this event

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, abbreviated as SCBWI, sometimes pronounced SKOO-BEE, was started by Lin Oliver and Stephen Mooser in 1971. Here’s a nice account of how it all happened. Today there are 25,000 members all around the world, even a chapter in Ulaanbaatar, which is in Mongolia, in case you’re ever there and would like to say hi or show them your work.

Me, I’m part of SCBWI Singapore. We actually have members from all over the world, with very diverse stories, styles and publishing dreams. Some create picture books, some write middle grade readers, some work on YA novels, all with their own ideas about how to give children something delightful to read and remember. We meet for dinner every month, and we turn up for things like the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.

Here’s a quick introduction to 20 of our members, just a small selection of the group. I’m somewhere in there too. Feel free to contact any one of us if you have questions, interview requests, invitations for talks, workshop proposals, and of course offers to publish or translate our work, thank you.

If you’re a fan of children’s books, whether a writer or illustrator, and you’re keen to join us, do sign up at the main SCBWI website here, and indicate that you’re in Singapore. You’ll hear from the Regional Advisor shortly afterwards.
Here we go, enjoy all the awesome introductions below. :)

— D

Read the full post on my Medium blog here

The SCBWI Singapore members featured, in order:


Read the full post on my Medium blog here

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LATEST! My new book

available in stores around Singapore mid-October
Proudly published by Marshall Cavendish

Ebook worldwide: December 2016
Paperback worldwide: April 2016

SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS (Lion City Adventures, Book 2) has been nominated for this year's award. Please take some time to vote for your favourite books, and you might win a $50 voucher plus 1 year Popular card membership. For readers in Singapore only.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

100 WRITERS _____ Kindly join me, a round of applause please, this weekend these young ladies are launching their work in WRITE THE WORLD LITERARY JOURNAL 2016 at Booktique

NOTE: This post is part of my 100 WRITERS project.

My friend Claudine Fernandez is organising a very special book launch event this Saturday. The book is Write the World - Young Voices Across the Globe: Best of 2016, and it features over sixty student writers from around the world, including four from Singapore. You’ll get to check out their poems, flash fiction, short pieces, and more. These works were previously showcased on the website. The book also contains writing resources for teachers.

Write the World is an online community that aims to help high school students all over the world write like champions. Through the activities on the website, these young writers learn to express themselves with confidence, develop editing skills, and get a chance to see their work published, all to prepare them for greater success in life.

Details for the book launch event below. Three of the four local writers will be there to sign books and answer questions. And here's a treat: scroll down below to read a quick interview with each of them, and find out about how they were inspired to write the selected pieces.

Keep writing. Keep sharing. Keep getting better.

— D

Book Launch
WHEN: 24 September 2016 at 4 p.m.
WHERE: Booktique Where Writers Shop
1 Raffles Link #B1­17A CityLink Mall
Singapore 039393
Claudine Fernandez, Education Representative


Raiya Binti Bashir Basalamah
I am currently 17 years old and studying in SOTA (School of the Arts, Singapore) where I pursue a passion other than writing: theatre, and I enjoy writing for prompts that challenge me to express something beautiful with very few words.
My pieces entitled In Your Hands and Simplicity are published in the journal...
Inspiration: For In Your Hands, it was my fascination towards humanity's connection with the Universe at the time. For Simplicity, it was the imagery of a drop of honey spreading its gold colour in a glass of milk that came to me immediately when I thought of what "simplicity" meant to me.

Shivani Ekkanath
I am currently pursuing my IB diploma at NPS International. I love writing, singing and dancing. My blog is my sanctuary and form of escapism and reading the news is my window into the world. I aspire to become a political and war journalist when I grow up and hope to attend Columbia University for my further studies.
My piece,'Medley' has been selected to appear in the journal. It was initially a response to a prompt that I was asked to write about nine months back. For this piece, I had to speak of my home country in ten words. Medley encompasses just this. I have expressed my love for India, but also hinted at the veil that hides India's history and the various issues that it is still burdened with. The word, 'Medley'  is a simple concept that describes my melange of emotions.
Inspiration: This piece is rather personal and my inspiration to write it  was deeply embedded in the love I have for India and my semi- annual visits every year. The knowledge I have of India's history, politics, issue and current affairs also played a pivotal role in enabling me to choose the correct words and phrases to use in my piece. It was a piece that was very easy to form an emotional connection with. 10 was the word limit, I had to pick very cautiously!
Contact me- +65 98909408

Victoria Foo
I was born in the beginning of the year 2000 and at the moment, I'm studying at an art school. Visual Arts may be my specialty, but I appreciate every other art form there is out there.
Rain Cloud was the first piece I submitted to Write The World, and I felt very proud of the final outcome, for it brings me the chilling sensation of being cocooned by the rain.
Inspiration: At that point in time, it was pouring outside, and I happened to be drinking apple tea. And just like the persona, I related very much with her love for rain.
Instagram, Tumblr: @Vixpinkaay

Emily Liang
I'm semi-sweet and a little nutty, I love reading, playing chess, watching TED talks, Good Mythical Morning and the warm embrace of the afternoon sun.
My piece called Turning Darkness into Light is featured in the journal. It's about soldering on despite knowing that the odds of yourself winning will not be high.
Inspiration: I was reading "A Diversity of Creatures" by Rudyard Kipling and his infectiously amazing choice of diction captivated me wholly. So, I decided to mimic his style and write a short piece.
I'm not a social person, sorry about that!

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LATEST! My new book

available in stores around Singapore mid-October
Proudly published by Marshall Cavendish

Ebook worldwide: December 2016
Paperback worldwide: April 2016

SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS (Lion City Adventures, Book 2) has been nominated for this year's award. Please take some time to vote for your favourite books, and you might win a $50 voucher plus 1 year Popular card membership. For readers in Singapore only.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SUPERKICKS _____ This is our new football series for children, TIME TO PLAY (Book #1) will launch later this year, and it's also our first co-authored collaboration ever, meet BENEDICT BOO

Since the early days of Super Cool Books, I've often been asked if we'll open up our publishing programme and work with other authors. We spent some time preparing for this last year, with our 100 WRITERS project, which brought local writers together and gave them some resources to develop their own story ideas and connect with an audience.

This month, I'm delighted to share that we're finally ready to release our first co-authored book series. SUPERKICKS is a new middle grade (upper primary) book series that follows a group of sporty girls and boys who compete to join a very special football training programme designed by an ambitious sports entrepreneur, Dr JJ Khan.

This series is published by the wonderful people at Marshall Cavendish. They've also created lots of wonderful illustrations throughout the book, which will really bring the football action to life for young readers everywhere. I'll post some illustrations soon, and also feature the talented young artists here.

We have lots of exciting updates about SUPERKICKS planned in the weeks ahead, but for now it's time to introduce my co-author for this series, BENEDICT BOO. If his name looks familiar, it’s not our first time working together, he was featured on this blog last year.

Here's a new interview with him below, and also more information about the series and the first book, which will be available in mid-October this year, just in time for your holiday shopping. As you'll see, Benedict is an avid football player himself, and for this project he brought to life all the passion, thrills and challenges that we associate with the game.

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, it’s time to play!

— D


Tell us about yourself ...
Hello! I'm your average guy who loves sports, because of all the adrenalin and endorphin, because of the fitter and healthier body and mind that I end up with, and because of the many lessons (about life) that I've derived from participating in team sports. I also love sharing these lessons, whether it is with my two sons or with students when I visit schools. To see the understanding showing on the faces and minds of these young people gives me great satisfaction.

What is the SUPERKICKS series about?
The SUPERKICKS series is really about the wonderful life lessons I have witnessed and experienced through the years while playing football. Lessons which I think are valuable in developing one's character, and can be best learnt when participating actively in a team sport that you're passionate about. I felt it would be wonderful to create an exciting book series around this, so that we can share the ideas with younger readers and sports fans. That's when I thought of my friend, Don Bosco, who is a master storyteller!

What was your experience like, co-authoring this book?
It was amazing. Just as in football, when each player plays in a position that he loves and is well versed in, there is so much synergy and positivity. Don is an amazing communicator and he makes light work of elucidating my ideas. I am truly enjoying this collaboration.

What plans do you have for promoting this series?
We want to reach out to schools, not just the football clubs, but all students whether girls or boys, because these lessons are applicable and important to everyone, not just those involved in football. And of course, the story itself is really entertaining and makes you want to be part of the action. We'll conduct talks and even organise simple competitions and team-building events. So that we can share the SUPERKICKS experience with everyone.

. . . . . . . . . .


Time to Play
by Don Bosco and Benedict Boo
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Children
ISBN 978 981 47 7141 2

SUPERKICKS is a fun-filled, action-packed fiction series about a group of girls and boys who compete to join a very special football training programme —the Superkicks football school started by sports entrepreneur, Dr JJ Khan.

In this book, Lee Jin, captain of his school’s football team, tries his best to get his team into the Superkicks selection amid objections from his coach and school principal. Football is everything to him and it’s always been his dream to play it professionally — this could be his big chance. However, there is a mysterious girl in his school who might be a better player than him! What can Lee Jin do about the obstacles that stand in his way?

Don Bosco is an award-winning writer and publisher of thrilling fiction for young readers. He started the publishing studio Super Cool Books in 2011. His books include the popular Sherlock Hong Adventures series and the Lion City Adventures series. He has also been a speaker at creative writing events.

Benedict Boo is a sports enthusiast. He's passionate about promoting an active lifestyle, especially among the young. Besides marathon running, his other love is football. He plays regularly and is also coaching a team. He has been working in education and publishing for two decades. Creating this SUPERKICKS series is truly a dream come true for him.


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SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS (Lion City Adventures, Book 2) has been nominated for this year's award. Please take some time to vote for your favourite books, and you might win a $50 voucher plus 1 year Popular card membership. For readers in Singapore only.

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