Saturday, November 21, 2015

100 WRITERS _____ invitation to our first meetup

Our first 100 WRITERS meetup is happening next week!
Thanks to StoryCode Singapore for hosting this.
Full details and sign up here, it's free:

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[LAB] Story-coding with 100 WRITERS: how to create your own story

AV8 Media
#4-28 Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo Street, Singapore

Theme: #storytelling #fiction #microfiction #narrative #writingcraft #storycraft #hacking #socialmixer #fun #networking 

Join us for this story-coding session where we focus on the craft of developing a simple story franchise from scratch. This will be useful for anyone developing cross-platform story experiences, whether print or digital, text or multimedia, and even live performances.

This session will be facilitated by Singapore writer Don Bosco (Super Cool Books). He will introduce his free story development guide, The Official 100 WRITERS Story Workbook (download free PDF here), and story-coders will get hands on experience in applying this to your own story idea. (See programme below.)

StoryCode Singapore is a community partner of the 100 WRITERS project. More information and story writing resources here:

Thanks to AV8 Media for the venue.

Date: 25 November 2015
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: AV8 Media Pte Ltd
261 Waterloo Street #04-28
Waterloo Centre

About Don Bosco / 100 WRITERS
Don Bosco is an enthusiastic member of the StoryCode Singapore community, and recently a co-organiser. His 100 WRITERS project aims to help 100 or more writers publish their stories using storyhacking methods and DIY publishing tools. Download the two free PDF guides: THE OFFICIAL 100 WRITERS STORY WORKBOOK and KEEP CALM AND UPLOAD E-BOOKS.

Event rundown:

19:00 Welcome and introductions

Guest speakers:

* Indie comics — JF Koh
Organiser of 24-Hour Comics Day (Singapore)
Panelgraph Showcase

* Speculative fiction — Joelyn Alexandra and Sarah Coldheart 
NaNoWriMo: Sg Municipal Liaisons
Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar fiction zine

* Crowdfunding / Picture books — S Mickey Lin 
Creator of successful picture book project on Kickstarter (Baby Sherlock: The Crumbs of Baskerville)

* Fiction magazine — Jo Furniss 
Co-founder of SWAG Literary Journal, a quarterly magazine for writers in Singapore

* Mentoring / talent development — Carlo Pena 
All In! Young Writers Media Festival

19:30 Discussion: story development process for transmedia projects
How to use: The Official 100 WRITERS Story Workbook (download free PDF here)

19:45 Creative time: guided writing to develop story ideas

20:30 Feedback and networking

This session is free.

NOTE Please bring your own writing kit: notebook and pen, laptop, smartphone, tablet, typewriter, dictation device, or anything else.

Date: 25 November 2015
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: AV8 Media Pte Ltd
261 Waterloo Street #04-28
Waterloo Centre

See map

Event sign up page:

Friday, November 20, 2015

SHERLOCK HONG _____ SG Holiday Shopping Special 2015

Great news, our new Sherlock Hong Adventures series by Don Bosco (Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children) is in stores this week, all four titles. You can pick them up at Popular and Kinokuniya outlets across Singapore. Usual holiday offers and membership discounts apply. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

The Sherlock Hong Adventures series transports you back in time to Singapore, 1891, as we follow this handsome young detective and see how he and his neighbour Aisha solve the strangest mysteries on this lovely island.

Suitable for girls and boys, 8 to 12 years old.

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Latest updates about this series:

Author Don Bosco recently gave a talk at the Bishan Public Library.

* How the Sherlock Hong story was originally created in 2005 for a manga comic project:
THE SHERLOCK STARTUP: How Super Cool Books took its Sherlock Hong mysteries from idea to transmedia

* Singapore parenting blog mamawearpapashirt is running a special Sherlock Hong giveaway, only for this weekend (ends 22 Nov). 
Check it out here.

* Lil Blue Bottle is one of our favourite Singapore family blogs, and recently featured the Sherlock Hong series.
Read it here.

* Check out local book blog Rachel's Book Reviews for some honest and insightful comments about reading the Sherlock Hong Adventures series:
The Immortal Nightingale
The Peranakan Princess
The Scroll of Greatness

* Read an older review of the original Sherlock Hong edition published by Super Cool Books:
The Star Online (Malaysia)

* Singapore picture book author Melanie Lee recently interviewed Don Bosco.
Read it here.

Who is the illustrator? Read on and find out!

* An interview with the wonderfully talented illustrator who created the covers for this new edition: 
Find out more about her here.

* Have you heard about the Sherlock Hong Library Club, started by Marshall Cavendish? For schools and learning centres.
More information for teachers here.

* Here's the post where we first announced that our Sherlock Hong series had been acquired by Marshall Cavendish:
Super Cool Books blog


Enjoy your holiday reading!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

100 WRITERS _____ we'll get together and write something fun at All In! Young Writers Festival 2016

Note: this is part of my 100 WRITERS project.

I'll be conducting a story writing workshop at the All In! Young Writers Festival 2016. Details below. We'll be making up stories from scratch, and I'll show you ways to get your imagination going, so that you'll always be able to create stories from your heart. Do sign up if you think you'd like to be part of this session. Early bird rates are available until 31 January 2016.

Also, the festival organisers ran an interview with me on their Facebook page some time back. It's attached below. In the meantime, you can connect with me on Instagram, that's my new online haunt these days.

— D

Fiction Writing – Short Stories: Developing Stories Through Unconventional Stimulus
Don Bosco, Super Cool Books

Short stories can be read in one seating, but can you write one in just three hours? This hands-on session talks about the elements of effective and impactful short stories, and how you can pique the reader’s interest through unconventional and witty methods.

Official website:




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


1. How did you start writing in your line of work/ writing field/ industry?
When I was younger, like most of my friends, I loved music. I enjoyed listening to it, and I played in indie bands, but I also loved to read about music history and music subcultures. I spent a lot of money buying music magazines. One day it occurred to me that I could try writing music articles. So I wrote for fanzines, small magazines and eventually worked as a music journalist and editor. That was how I learnt about the publishing industry. When I started Super Cool Books four years ago, to publish fiction for teens and kids, I really had to go back to my roots and apply all the stuff I learnt back then, about building a community around your shared passion and creating content that readers are really enthusiastic and crazy about.

Bonus: here's a very rare photo of me (extreme left) playing guitar on TV. 
Very much younger then.

2. What convinced you to pursue a career that had something todo with writing – an event, an opportunity, a book, a friend etc.?
If you follow the global news, one big trend is that we're clearly moving towards a world with pervasive automation. Some experts predict that in five years or so, we'll have an economy driven by intelligent software, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robot workers, drones, etc. What meaningful work will there be for us human beings?That's a scary question that nobody is able to answer right now. The only thing that these machines can't do is to make authentic art and create emotional experiences that are meaningful and fresh. And that's why I started Super Cool Books, to dream up stories that will help carry us all across the robot age.

3. What inspires you to continue doing what you do?
At this point there's a very strong and genuine connection with readers and industry supporters all over the world. It's something that I take very seriously, because it's quite a rare privilege. I hope I can help other writers develop this connection too.

4. What opportunities can young writers expect from your line of work?
The opportunity to dream up something, capture it in words and ship it around the world through the internet, so that other people can share this dream as vividly too.

5. What message can you share with aspiring young writers out there?
Use your imagination, share your feelings, have fun. Because everything else the robots will do better.

Are you writing a story?
and make it happen