Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CAPTAIN CARDBOARD story hackathon: make & publish your own cardboard comic strip!

We're looking forward to our big collaboration with StoryCode Singapore, happening on Mon August 18 at the UP Singapore hackathon/meetup space. In just one fun-packed session you'll get a complete hands on experience of the amazing creative process:

. how to develop a simple story concept
. how to quickly turn this into story ideas and scripts
. how to prototype your sequential story art
. how to share this on social media

Full details here, and if you have any questions do send the Event Host (Marco) a message: 

Click to enlarge:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

CAPTAIN CARDBOARD | lots of creative fun at our story-hacking workshop next month!

*** JOIN US! Come on down to our story-hacking session next month, where you'll learn to craft your own 5-panel comic strip, and seed this online as part of the wider CAPTAIN CARDBOARD transmedia project. Organised by StoryCode Singapore (previously the Singapore Transmedia Meetup Group). Sign up details here, limited seats: 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Crazy cars, super millionaires and a creepy island tour: all at the Singapore HeritageFest 2014

I'm in today's newspaper, talking about the coming Singapore HeritageFest (18-27 July 2014) and picking out five events that I'd like to check out. As you know, many of our Super Cool Books stories are inspired by the history, cultures and legends of Singapore and Malaysia. Read the whole article at the newspaper's website here. Also: an earlier interview in What's Up newspaper, where I explain why I'm intrigued by historical oddities, and how I approach the research process. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

sneak peek | the new ERIKA LIND dystopian thriller series, for older readers

Greetings! Cold and wet morning here today. Just wanted to share these ebook covers, this is the first time we're mentioning the new ERIKA LIND dystopian thriller series on our blog. So far everyone who has seen this promo image has expressed nothing but surprise, excitement and impatience, to read them all already! I'll be busy these few weeks tying up the loose ends and making sure the ebooks are packaged properly and go out on time. I'll post more information along the way, about the inspiration for this series and what you can expect in each story. We're also working on the new version of our Super Cool Books iPad app (click the App Store button on the top right corner of this blog if you'd like to download the current version) which comes with more stories and a snazzier design. Life is great when you're having fun. The future belongs to the young and brave! :) Take care, stay happy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Malaysia | special school showcase organised by BRAIN BYTES

Thanks to Jimmy from Brain Bytes for introducing our iPad reading app to the students!

A warm welcome to all teachers, students and parents from Malaysia! Do click around and check out more of the goodies on our website. :)

The book tour continues: Brain Bytes, our education partner in Malaysia, recently visited SKTTDI(1) School (KL) to run some workshops and help the students discover the joys of learning. Participants were exposed to the fundamentals of electronics (check out the learning kit here) and given a chance to try the very useful online revision programme, Maths Wiz. Of course, there was also a special Super Cool Books showcase to get the budding readers excited about our paperbacks and iPad reading app. Enjoy the photos here (courtesy of Brain Bytes) and remember this wonderful advice: READ TO LEARN, IMAGINE TO CREATE!

Would you like Brain Bytes to visit your school too? Just let us know and we'll help to make it happen! You can use our email address here.