Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coming soon! ___ TIME TALISMAN series ___ Book 1: The Secret of Monk's Hill

Age Level: 8 and up  |  Series: Time Talisman

In present-day Singapore, young Justin Low and his good friends Emily and Roz come across a mysterious talisman.

To their horror, it sends them 150 years back in time.

And they'll remain stuck in Singapore's wild colonial past unless they can help Wen, a teenage Shaolin monk, in his desperate mission to defeat an evil demon-sorcerer named Megamo.

Megamo is scheming to take over Singapore, and ultimately rule the region, with his army of demons.

The adventurers are forced to make a stand at Monk's Hill, in a clash of magic that will decide the future of their world.

Come! We invite you to discover THE SECRET OF MONK'S HILL!