Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More super cool books on the way ...

Hello friends!

Yes, we've been busy working on cool stuff.

Some exciting updates to share:

* You'll soon be able to download The Secret of Monk's Hill through the major ebook stores, including Apple's iBookstore for reading on your iPhones and iPads. I'll post all the links here once they're up.

Meanwhile, you can download Part 1 for free here, or read it online.

* I've just heard that Part 3 of The Secret of Monk's Hill will also be available very soon!

Discover what happens to Justin, Emily, Roz and Wen. And Megamo the demon-sorcerer, too! You'll find lots of twists and thrills here, I can assure you.   :-)

If you've been eagerly waiting to read this exciting conclusion, thank you for your patience so far!

* We're working out the details for Book 2 of the Time Talisman series! I'll be letting you know more in a day or two.

Back to work now. Have a magical day, everyone!