Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Secret of Monk's Hill (Part 1) ___ FREE DOWNLOAD!

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I'm pretty excited to announce the web launch of the TIME TALISMAN series.

You can now download the first part of THE SECRET OF MONK'S HILL for FREE.

The Secret of Monk's Hill 
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Finally, they came to a clearing. Wen stopped to catch his breath.

"Maybe you can give us some answers," Justin told him. "Like, what happened to us? How did we get here?"

"I had no choice," Wen said. "I activated the Time Talisman and summoned you."

Emily was puzzled. "What talisman?"

"You mean this object?" Justin held out the metal plate that he had picked up in his father's office.

He had tucked it under his shirt, to hide it from Megamo.

Wen nodded. "It creates a portal through time. It used to belong to my master. Here, let me have a look," he said.

He took the talisman from Justin. He rubbed it and chanted softly.

The talisman started to glow again.

Roz stepped backwards. He remembered the last time he saw the talisman glow. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

Still, Roz was curious. "Why did you summon us? Where are we?"

Wen bowed to them. "I used this talisman to bring you one hundred and fifty years back in time. But Megamo sensed your presence, and got to you first. I'm sorry."

Emily laughed nervously. "One hundred and fifty years back in time? Guys, he's kidding, right?"

Justin didn't reply. He was thinking hard. Trying to make sense of everything.

He asked, "What does Megamo want?"

"He wants the Treasure Dragon," Wen replied. "It's a great source of magical power. If Megamo gets hold of it, he will use it to destroy the world!"

"Treasure Dragon?" Emily asked. "There are real dragons here?"

Before Wen could reply, there was a howl in the distance. It sounded really furious.

"That's Megamo," Wen said. "The tiger was just a magical manifestation that I created. He must have found a way to defeat it. And now he's coming for us!"

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