Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enchanting three-in-one plus *bonus*

My publisher has put up a special package for Christmas:

This edition contains all three parts of THE SECRET OF MONK'S HILL, plus some bonus content.

You can check it out at the Smashwords ebook store here. ($1.99 USD)

The blurb:

In present day Singapore, three kids discover a mysterious talisman.

To their horror, it sends them 150 years back in time.

In order to get home, Justin, Roz and Emily have to help a young Shaolin monk defeat an evil demon-sorcerer.

But with pirates, hellish creatures and a secret organisation working against them, things look mighty bleak!

Caught in this battle of good versus evil, they turn to the powers of friendship, courage and magic.

Can Justin, Emily and Roz protect their city from demonic destruction?

Or will they be destroyed by the forces of darkness?

Join them in this thrilling fantasy adventure and find out!

THE SECRET OF MONK'S HILL is the first book in the TIME TALISMAN series.

This Full Version contains Bonus Content about the creative process behind this amazing story.