Sunday, March 18, 2012

SHERLOCK HONG :: Read the full story now!

As promised, here's the complete story! Do share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

SYNOPSIS: Fantasy author Don Bosco has collaborated with Monsters Under The Bed to launch a new fantasy series called SHERLOCK HONG: YOUNG SEEKER 
Place: Singapore. When: the year 1891. Sherlock Hong is fifteen years old, recently expelled from a boarding school in England for dabbling in alchemy and pursuing magical knowledge. Still, he is eager to prove himself a worthy member of the International Order of Young Seekers. One day, he hears about a local necromancer who intends to bring a dead nightingale back to life. Sherlock's investigation leads him deeper and deeper into the heart of a sinister situation thick with mystery, mischief and magic! 

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SHERLOCK HONG The Case of the Immortal Nightingale (Complete)