Friday, May 25, 2012

get your TIME TALISMAN thrills @

Thanks to, the new ebookstore by Mediacorp, readers in Singapore can now catch the TIME TALISMAN series on your favourite mobile devices!

There's also a free e-reader that you can download for iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The full version of each story is only SGD2.77, and comes with bonus content:

Book 1: The Secret of Monk's Hill

Book 2: Newton's Curse

Enjoy the books, and please send me an email if you'd like to tell me about your reading experience!

For readers 8 to 14 years old.
The TIME TALISMAN series by Don Bosco takes us into an alternative history of Singapore, to explore a magical colonial city where alchemists struggle for power and young kids lead the battle against evil. 
It all starts in present-day Singapore, when young Justin Low and his good friends Emily Anson and Roz Hamid come across a mysterious talisman. 
Time and again, against their wishes, the kids are transported back to Singapore's wild colonial past. 
They have their hands full as they battle a whole gallery of dangerous villains, including ambitious alchemists, ruthless sorcerers and power-hungry conspiracy groups. 
Even in the most unlikely places, they manage to find helpful allies, from righteous warriors and eccentric mystics to creative artists who are willing to risk their lives to protect their communities from the forces of evil. 
What exactly is the Time Talisman? How can Justin, Emily and Roz uncover its secret? Why is the Builders Society so desperate to establish their power in the region? 
As the three brave adventurers struggle to survive each trip back into history, they find themselves drawn closer and closer towards an epic clash of magic!