Monday, June 11, 2012

MY BLADE QUEST: there's no turning back for the young and brave


by Don Bosco

Jay and his sister Shu are orphans.   
One day, they learn that their lives will be destroyed unless they find the Blade of the Southern Phoenix in time.  
But how will they survive the dangers? Who can they trust? What is the secret of the Blade Quest card game that their father invented? 
Join them in this gripping adventure! Every step counts.


Saturday morning. Just another ordinary day in Singapore.
Or so I thought.
The music was loud, but my sister's screaming was louder.
I was chilling out at home, playing Plants vs. Zombies while listening to my favourite band, Linkin Park. Terminating ugly zombies and singing at the top of my voice.
When her bedroom door opened and she stuck her neck out.
"Get the phone, Jay!" she yelled. "Or I'll sit on you and make you eat my socks!"
Let's just say that my sister finds interesting ways to express herself.
I strained my ears and listened. Oops, the urgent beeping wasn't part of the music. It was coming from the phone!
"But Sis, I'm in the middle of a game," I yelled back at her. "Are you expecting an important call? Can't you take it yourself?"
I turned towards Shu's room. Only to see her glaring at me.
You know that Don't-Make-Me-Repeat-Myself-Or-Else kind of look?
So I turned down my music and answered the phone. There was a familiar voice on the other end.
"Jay? Is that you? You must be growing up, you sound so different."
Ah! It was Uncle Selva, our guardian.
You see, our parents passed away five years ago. They were driving along a highway in Indonesia one night, and there was an accident.
My parents had invented the Blade Quest card game. You might have heard of it. It's popular all over the world.
They also set up a company, Blade Quest Industries, to produce the game in different languages.
Uncle Selva was our Dad's best friend. After the accident, he took over Blade Quest Industries and brought the game to even more countries.
Uncle Selva said, "I need to talk to you, Jay. And your sister too."
He didn't sound like his usual cheerful self.
Right away, I guessed that something was wrong.

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