Sunday, August 19, 2012

looking for Sherlock Hong? join our new BOOK CLUB

Meet Eugene from Monsters Under The Bed
He's Sherlock Hong's keenest advocate!

A warm welcome to you! Especially if you came over from today's kind review at Malaysia's   :-)

We've run out of our first edition of Sherlock Hong Book 1, but you can still read / download it free here. Do share this with as many friends as you can!

Good news: We'll be designing a special print edition of The Case of the Immortal Nightingale (with a new cover and bonus content) for our first ever year-end mail order catalogue.

And we'll be printing more copies of Sherlock Hong Book 2 when it comes out in October 2012. To ensure that this goes out to even more of you.

For now, we'd like to invite you to join our new Book Club on Facebook. It'll help us keep in touch and share updates on upcoming books, mail order specials, collectibles, etc.

Also: a big thank you to all who have helped us, encouraged us, even challenged us along the way. We're trying to find new ways to tell Asian stories and inspire young readers. And we very much appreciate your participation!

As Sherlock Hong would say: The future belongs to the young and brave!

Yes, this means you.  :-)

Take care, everyone, and happy reading!