Thursday, September 6, 2012

updates || sharing stories with WORLDREADER

Woah, it's been a really fun week! Some highlights:

* I wrote a piece recently for the asia! Mag website:
"From the old days it has been acknowledged that once a story is shared, it becomes a valuable communal resource. For this reason I've been distributing some of my stories as free downloads, or in a mini-book format under my Foldable Fantasy imprint." 
You can read the full article here.

* We just joined the awesome Worldreader Book App! We contributed a special edition of our Foldable Fantasy series, as well as the first Sherlock Hong book. These will be distributed as free digital books to kids in developing countries.

The Worldreader Book App is a free download that runs on any basic phone, and turns it into a powerful reading device.

You can get the app here (scroll all the way down). Our stories should be available in a few days, so do search for them and tell your friends too! Read them all:
Ghostly #1: The Terrifying Teacher
Ghostly #2: The Return of Demon Boy
Halo Island #1: Elders of the Deep
Monkey Charm #1: The Neverending Book
My Blade Quest #1: The Phoenix Awakens
Sherlock Hong Book 1: The Case of the Immortal Nightingale 

Do send a small donation to Worldreader if you can, so we can improve lives by helping others enjoy reading.

* Have you joined our Book Club? Lots of cool stuff going on!

More exciting updates next week. Getting started on a few new books. Thanks for being a part of this!

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