Thursday, November 29, 2012

book tour | sharing our stories on TOURISTPADS

Photo (left to right): Joshua Wong, Abigail Khor and Caleb Wong, 
the young entrepreneurs behind TouristPads. Thank you! :)

We're launching our new Sherlock Hong books with a bunch of cool tie-ups. Like this one:

If you're travelling to Singapore, do check out TouristPads.

They'll rent you an iPad with awesome apps, travel guides and unlimited internet connectivity, to make your stay here even more enjoyable.

And now they've installed a Super Cool Books sampler pack on their iPads too.

So when you're chilling out at a cafe, or winding down in your hotel room, you can read The Immortal Nightingale as well as excerpts from The Peranakan Princess and our Time Talisman series.

TouristPads offers the new iPad with free 3G. The rate is US$24 per day for the first two days, and US$16 per day after that.

Visit them at