Saturday, December 1, 2012


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Hey everyone! In this week's awesome Weekender newspaper: a nice review of The Peranakan Princess. You can download the issue (No. 9) here:

"Sherlock Hong has been enlisted by his secret sect’s senior to track down villains intent on restoring the “Book of Secrets”, the oldest magical manual from China, for profitable gains. This rare book was the Chinese Emperor’s wedding gift to the Princess Hang Li Poh, the bride to the Sultan of Malacca many centuries ago. It contains secrets of Eastern Alchemy, which described methods of making people influential and powerful. Knowing that the book would never be safe, the Princess cleverly converted the passages to songs which she taught to her servants’ daughters. With each passing generation, the number of daughters who memorised the songs diminished until there was only one left. 
Now, she is in danger, unless Sherlock Hong can get to her in time. The reader is taken on Hong’s journey from River Valley Road to the library in Johor, and to Malacca to help prevent the “Book of Secrets” falling into the wrong hands."

Take care, have a happy weekend! :-)