Saturday, January 12, 2013

updates | reading, writing and a NEW BOOK!

Hanging out in my studio.

Hey! How are you doing? This is my first post for 2013. Been nicely busy here. Meeting people, answering emails, promoting the new Sherlock Hong series, putting my next book together, and of course doing lots and lots of reading!

You can see my currect stack of books in the photo above. And I have another stack on a shelf! I love to read, heh.

* I just wrote something about learning through stories, for a new e-book that is putting together.

They run a great non-profit website that offers crowd-sourced lesson resources for educators in Asia. They previously featured my Sherlock Hong worksheet, as well as my BukuGuru minibooks and DIY Book Club kit.

Their new e-book will be filled with ideas for improving education in Singapore, and they're inviting you to contribute your thoughts too, especially if you're a teacher, parent or student.

If you're interested, do check out the details here.

You can email your submission to them ( by 31 March 2013.

* The nice people at TouristPads have been helping me reach more readers from around the world. TouristPads basically rents out iPads at affordable rates to anyone visiting Singapore. And each device comes pre-loaded with a Super Cool Books sampler, which includes the complete Sherlock Hong story, The Immortal Nightingale.

If you're organising an event this year, you can ask TouristPads about their event package. They'll rent you iPads that are configured to serve as wireless information kiosks. These can also be hooked up to a projector to entertain your guests.

And of course everyone can check out our magical stories at the same time! Hurray!

* Yes, I'm working on a new book!

Clue #1: it's based on one of the Foldable Fantasy minibooks that I created last year.

Clue #2: analyse the photo above very carefully. You might find a hint!

I'm really excited about this. More information in a week or two!

* Next month I'll be holding a special online writing workshop, organised with my friends at Monsters Under The Bed. They teach creative writing and help young authors get published.

This will be a small class, and the session will be conducted as an online conference, probably using Skype software. It'll be free, but you'll need to sign up first. We're still figuring out the details. If this works well we might do it regularly. Stay tuned!

That's all for now. Have a great week ahead, my friends, and happy reading!

Remember, the future belongs to the young and brave!