Friday, February 15, 2013

book tour | SHERLOCK HONG at Bukit Chandu

Photos by MD98

Looking for some fun and excitement this weekend?

You can check out ALIVE@Bukit Chandu, an event for schools and families that's co-organised by the National Museum of Singapore and our learning partner MD98:
Celebrate Total Defence Day at Reflections at Bukit Chandu. Relive the story of how 1,400 men from our Malay Regiment stood heroically took the last stand against 13,000 advancing enemy soldiers. Enjoy free admission and guided tours. Prizes for the first 50 families to complete the secret mission.
Do drop by and enjoy the activities. Participants can pick up free Foldable Fantasy minibooks and win Sherlock Hong paperbacks.

Where: 31K Pepys Road (tel: 6375 2510)
This event runs from 15-17th February, and the last guided tour starts at 3.30pm.
Do search for details on their website, as we can't seem to link directly to the event page.