Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a batch of new books for you

Good morning! I just finished breakfast with my kids and I thought I'd share some cool updates before I head out for meetings.

* GHOSTLY is now on its way to bookstores all over this sunny island of Singapore. It's already available at Select Books, and you'll soon find it in other good shops near you.

I included lots and lots of story ideas that some of you readers sent me. So remember to check it out and share the book with your friends!

* My friend Eliza Teoh will soon be releasing a new book in her ever-popular Ellie Belly series. It's called Huffy Puffy Panda and it's really fun to read.

This is her fifth book featuring Ellie, a young girl who is able to communicate with animals. What a strange but awesome talent! You can follow her adventures here.

* Another friend of mine, Brigitte Rozario, has a new picture book series that just launched. It's called The Adventures of Beebo & Friends. It's set in a magical world called DeliLand and the characters have really fun names: Beebo, Peeper, Sam, Weirdo and Weirdel.

These books for younger kids, up to 7 years old. Check out the series and enjoy the neat drawings by Tan Vay Fern here.

I hope one day I'll get to write about YOUR book here! :-)

Take care and happy reading!