Sunday, July 7, 2013

book club | learning through stories with SHARON ANG

Sharon Ang nurturing young readers at Scholar's I.N.C.

For kids to really learn to enjoy reading, they sometimes need a mentor to guide them and awaken their imagination.

This week, we're featuring one of our affiliated educators who has many years of experience both entertaining as well as educating children.

She's SHARON ANG, theatre instructor and academic coach, and also our Super Cool Books Reading Ambassador. Thanks to her, more kids have been exploring our Sherlock Hong and Diary of Young Justice Bao story worlds, while improving their communication and creative skills at the same time.

Sharon is currently the Dean of English at Scholar's I.N.C., where she also teaches Literature and Creative Writing. After she received her BA (Drama) from the Queensland University of Technology, she spent over a decade creating Literature and Drama in Education workshops at both Primary and Secondary school levels. Her sessions are conducted in a lively and motivating style, with a focus on skills and student development. To date, all her school productions for the SYF Drama competitions have earned medals for the respective schools.

We've included her contact details below, if you'd like to get in touch with her for Story Talks this year (Storytelling, Book Talk, Creative Writing, etc).


What do you enjoy about the SCB stories?

The stories revolve around fascinating characters that children can relate to. I personally like the approach of using a sense of mystery as well as adventure to create an initial interest. The strong element of national heritage in the Sherlock Hong and Time Talisman series also adds value to the experience. So the stories not only provide reading pleasure but also create a learning journey for children. The stories make them curious about a time in the past that was crucial in shaping the Singapore society that we have today.

What's your personal approach to developing literacy?

Cultivating the love of the written word is a long but fulfilling process. A book with good characters, plots and themes that can spark an interest will definitely propel children to read more on their own. It appeals to their investigative nature and hence makes the learning process a self-motivated one. Also, as a mother of an 11 year old myself, I am a firm believer, when it comes to parenting, in the 'lead by example' approach, be it reading newspapers at the breakfast table, or winding down at the end of the day next to your child with a good book.

What can parents do to help their kids enjoy reading?

You can start by setting monthly themes at home. Just pick a topic and allow your child to explore different books within this field. It can be related to their school work, or a personal interest like Art or Animation or Animals. At the end of the month, get them to tell you about what they've learnt. In this way it becomes a chance to bond through sharing book reviews. Try it, it's fun!

What activities have you developed around our Super Cool Books stories?

Creative writing has been my top priority. After being inspired by a good story, kids will want to create something of their own, and this is a good opportunity to help them hone their writing skills. Drama workshops and story-telling courses are also useful, to equip children with the confidence to use their voices and express themselves. Role-playing has especially been known to help children become better at problem-solving, simply by getting them to step out from a first person's point of view and adopt a second or even third person's perspective. I'm looking forward to bringing these programmes to more kids around Singapore and also across the region.

How can readers and parents get in touch with you for more information?

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding the books, or developing literacy, or being a reading mentor. I look forward to interacting with all of you!

Contact details:

Ms Sharon Ang 
mobile: (+65) 9723 9129

Scholar's I.N.C.  
1 Rochor Canal Road #06-03
Sim Lim Square
tel: 6339 3075