Saturday, July 13, 2013

book club | thrilling tales for young readers

A budding writer in action! 
Photo by Cheekiemonkies 

* The charming gang at Cheekiemonkies have been reading our books! Pop over to their blog and check out their handwritten reviews. Sheer awesomeness. :-)

Adan Jimenez remembering some of his favourite books as a kid. 

* And this week on the Monsters Under The Bed blog: local writer Adan Jimenez recommends a list of authors for younger readers, including Roald Dahl (I like!), Dr. Seuss (I like!), Enid Blyton (I like!), Neil Gaiman (I like!), Eliza Teoh (I like!) and ... me (hooray!).

Thanks to Adan and MUTB for the helpful article. Do check out the writing workshops at MUTB, they've got some interesting packages for kids.