Sunday, July 28, 2013

KINGDOM | introducing our game kit at the SINGAPORE MINI MAKER FAIRE

Here are some photos from this year's Singapore Mini Maker Faire, which happened over the weekend. Met up with many old friends, and made new ones too! We were there to introduce our KINGDOM game design stencil, which was prototyped by Funbie Studios on their 3D printer.

Saturday morning, hanging around the exhibition area, before the crowd turned up.

Hanyang from Funbie Studios, letting visitors examine 
the KINGDOM stencil prototype he created.

My friend David Liew showed off his awesome steampunk sculptures
all made from recycled materials, mostly plastic bottles.


At the Maker Forum on Saturday evening. This is the presentation 
by the team from Get Hacking. They worked with cardboard artist Bart 
to create a maze/interactive game for kids at the exhibition hall.

Hanyang (Funbie Studios) at the 3D Printing Forum on Sunday morning, 
introducing our collaboration, the KINGDOM game design kit.

A close up of the stencil prototype! Remember to sign up 
to test the game with us, at the next HacKIDemia Singapore event in August!