Tuesday, July 9, 2013

let's talk about making better stories for kids

Back to school already! The holidays went past really fast, eh? :-)

We've had some opportunities to share our ideas about writing stories, helping kids be awesome and appreciating the animals in our community.

What's Up is a great newspaper for school kids, and it covers everything from current affairs to quirky local happenings. In this month's issue, they interviewed me about my research process for writing historical fiction, like our Sherlock Hong and Time Talisman books.

Over at the Essential Parenting website, by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, I share stories about how my kids help me create our books, and why this experience gives them a chance to learn the art of being awesome.

Finally, at Sekolah.sg my friend and collaborator Debby Ng talks about the satisfaction she gets volunteering with cat welfare groups in Singapore. Debby and I created the Cats Are Cool learning kit together in April this year, which is inspired by my Ghostly book series. This learning kit helps 7-12 year olds appreciate that cats are a valuable part of our community.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy these articles. Take care, my friends, and happy reading!