Monday, July 15, 2013

new story | SHERLOCK HONG and The Scroll of Greatness!

I'll be serialising a new SHERLOCK HONG story on this blog and our Facebook page, with a few short sections every week.

This is part of our #weirdtales collaboration with local game design company Red Tin Bot, and we're helping to promote their fun storytelling game Weird Tales. Do watch the video above, and check out the game for yourself!

The new Sherlock Hong story is THE SCROLL OF GREATNESS. I've attached Part 1 below. You can also read it on our Facebook page.

Invite your friends to follow this story! Please feel free to send me any comments or feedback you might have.

The future belongs to the young and brave! :-)



A Sherlock Hong Story
by Don Bosco

[part 1]

It is 1891. How long will it take for me to become a great person?

That day, I waited in Chinatown for my friend Aisha, at the street corner across from where the exhibition was held.

For just one afternoon, the Scroll of Greatness would be on display right here in Singapore, before they shipped it to Penang.

It's also sometimes called the Great Scroll of China. It explains the secret techniques they used to build the Great Wall. But everything is written in a strange code. For thousands of years, nobody has managed to make sense of it.

If I can figure it out, I'll be famous!

I waited and waited, playing with the two crimson marble balls that my tutor Miss Priya gave me for my birthday, tossing them in the air and trying to juggle them, but dropping them on my foot so often and once they even landed on my head and almost knocked me out.

I so badly wanted to see the Scroll Of Greatness for myself.

But, argh!, where was Aisha?

[to be continued]