Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 ** Sherlock has one last chance to stop Dr. Woo! 

a Sherlock Hong story by Don Bosco

Without a second thought I pursued Dr. Woo down the river bank.
He was a good runner, with a talent for squeezing between people and dodging around obstacles.  
I tried my best but I just couldn't catch up with him.
And then I spotted a man loading a box of purple mangosteens onto a cart.
Aha! I had an idea. 
Without slowing down, I grabbed two mangosteens and tossed them into the air quickly, to test their weight.
They were perfect.
I took a deep breath and sped up, until Dr. Woo was just five or six feet in front of me.
I had tried this at home so many times before, with the precious crimson marble balls that my tutor Miss Priya gave me, although never at a moving target, and never with the intention of hurting someone.
But this was an urgent mission. I had a villain to stop.
So I fixed my attention on a spot right in the middle of Dr. Woo's back, and threw the first mangosteen.
It went spinning through the air, quite like a nicely tossed cricket ball.
To my horror it missed Dr. Woo completely and instead hit a poor coolie who was just passing by.
It was such a rude shock for him, to be knocked on the head like this. 
"Oi!" the coolie screamed in fury. He rolled up his sleeves and raised his fists. "You want to die is it!"
But I just kept running. 
I had one mangosteen left.
I aimed, this time even more carefully, and threw it at Dr. Woo.
"Please, please," I mumbled anxiously to myself, "let me save the Scroll of Greatness!"

[continues tomorrow!]

Based on the Weird Tales storytelling card game by Red Tin Bot.