Monday, July 15, 2013

weird tales | THE SCROLL OF GREATNESS {part 2}

Usually my kids use this nook to do their homework, but this morning I'm sitting here working on Weird Tales with Red Tin Bot. :-) 

Here's Part 2 of THE SCROLL OF GREATNESS. Enjoy!



A Sherlock Hong Story
by Don Bosco

[part 2]

Then, across the street, in front of the mansion, I saw a man peel off the big yellow notice that was stuck on the wall.
The exhibition would be over soon!
I looked around frantically. Should I keep waiting for Aisha? Or would she understand if I went in on my own?
For so many nights I had been dreaming about the Scroll of Greatness. Would I miss my chance to examine it? 
The man was closing the door just as I made up my mind.
“No!” I yelled. “Wait!”
I dashed across the street, squeezing my way between a cart and some coolies, but I was too late, he didn’t notice me. 
I banged on the door. “Please, just for a few minutes, let me see the Scroll!” 
I held my breath and listened, hoping that he would come back and let me in.

[to be continued]