Wednesday, July 17, 2013

weird tales | THE SCROLL OF GREATNESS {part 4}

a Sherlock Hong story by Don Bosco

It was getting dark. 
I walked around to the alley behind the mansion.
Looking back, that might have been a silly thing to do.
But I am a proud member of the International Order of Young Seekers.
It is my duty to seek out the mysterious matters of this world and report them to all of you, my fellow brothers and sisters.
I stood at the back wall of the mansion, thinking it over for a while, and then finally I made up my mind and climbed it.
I sat on top and looked around.
I was hoping to find someone there, so I could beg them to open the front door for me. 
But no, I was out of luck.
The backyard was filthy. It was covered in dead leaves and it stank of dog droppings. 
I was trying to balance myself, while peering hard at the back door of the mansion — it was half open — when perhaps there was a gust of wind, or maybe I lost my balance, and somehow I fell off the wall and landed on the other side. 
I was terrified. Would a bunch of crazy dogs rush out and attack me?

[to be continued]

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Based on the Weird Tales storytelling card game by Red Tin Bot.