Thursday, July 18, 2013

weird tales | THE SCROLL OF GREATNESS {part 5}

** Yikes! What is the horror in the room?

a Sherlock Hong story by Don Bosco

I took a deep breath and reminded myself, “The future belongs to the young and brave!”
Then I got up and walked towards the back door.
Maybe I’d get to see the Scroll of Greatness after all.
Inside, it was all creepy and quiet.
“Hello?” I said. “Excuse me?” 
No response.
I went past the kitchen and entered a big room.
In that moment I was so dazzled that I forgot everything else.  
The place was full of the most amazing collection of treasures from all over the world!
There were weapons from China. Statues from India. Masks from Africa. Paintings from Europe. Engravings from Egypt. Lovely vases from the old Greek and Persian empires.
I tiptoed around in awe. 
I recognised so many of them, from my time in London studying the books in my mentor’s private library.
But then, suddenly, a big shadow fell over me!
I turned around in panic, just as a monstrous sound made my skin crawl.
It sounded partly like the angry roar of a cursed creature, and partly like the violent sneeze of an abominable demon!

[to be continued]

Based on the Weird Tales storytelling card game by Red Tin Bot.