Monday, July 22, 2013

weird tales | THE SCROLL OF GREATNESS {part 7}

** What’s the sinister Dr. Woo up to?

a Sherlock Hong story by Don Bosco

Constable Flint knew me well. Especially after the strange case of the Immortal Nightingale, which I wrote about some weeks back.
I wasn't a thief or a gang member. And I certainly didn’t steal the Scroll of Greatness!
But he was so nervous he couldn't explain this to Dr. Woo.
"Uh — right — Dr. Woo," he stammered, "let’s not get worked up, shall we? Take some time to consider the evidence — some tea for you?"
Meanwhile, I sat with Pa and played with my crimson marble balls, a thousand thoughts spinning in my brain as I tried desperately to figure out what was really going on.
Pa glared at me.
"You are young," he said, "and foolish. I told you to stay out of trouble!"
"But Pa!" I protested. "I just wanted to have a look! How can you blame me — "
Pa held up his hand.
"Do you know what will happen if we don’t get the scroll back?" he said angrily. "There will be war. All the peace and prosperity that we built in this colony will be destroyed!"
Pa was so upset that he grabbed my marble balls and threw them into a bin.
"Enough of this!" he shouted.
Dr. Woo turned around. He had a sinister look on his face.

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Based on the Weird Tales storytelling card game by Red Tin Bot.