Wednesday, July 24, 2013

weird tales | THE SCROLL OF GREATNESS {part 9}

** Who is the man with the awful sneeze?

a Sherlock Hong story by Don Bosco

To my surprise, a small gate at the far corner of the wall suddenly swung open.
I couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed it before! 
I grabbed Aisha's arm and we raced back up the alley, our hearts pounding madly.
We crouched behind a cart and watched.
A man came out. He was dressed strange, in a black cloak with a hood pulled over his head.
He pushed a wheelbarrow. There was a big basket in it. 
He glanced around quickly, up and down the street. And then, quite unexpectedly, he sneezed, again and again. 
It was the most horrendous sound in the universe. But there was something familiar about it!
The man rubbed his nose. Then he quickened his pace, hurrying towards the river, pushing the wheelbarrow in front of him.
I was desperate to find the missing Scroll of Greatness, so that I could clear my name. I had to act fast.  
"Follow him!" I whispered to Aisha.
"But Sher — "
I didn't wait around to hear her protest. I was already scrambling after the man!

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Based on the Weird Tales storytelling card game by Red Tin Bot.