Monday, August 12, 2013

hypercraft | get our exciting new GUNG HO Vs ZOMBIES story kit

It's time for
our new series

We're helping to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education cool for kids.
By spicing it up with some thrilling science fiction!

What would you do if a zombie attacked your school?
Join Xin and Troy, young members of the Gung Ho Guild, as they work desperately to prevent a zombie from messing up their school's Science Fair!

GHvZ is our collaboration with, and they've also designed a fantastic Zombie Signaliser kit for you to make.
We're giving away the full story and project instructions as a free ebook. You can read it below, or download it here to share with your friends.
The Zombie Signaliser project requires just a few simple parts, which you can get on your own.

BUY IT: Alternatively, you can choose one of the pre-packed kits from the online store (only SGD $3.90 - $4.50, free shipping within Singapore).
Read it, make it, share it with all your friends!
Everyone loves a good zombie tale. :-)

For ages 8 and up