Friday, September 27, 2013

interview | the thrill of making up cool stories

The SingaporeMotherhood website has a cool feature about local books, and I'm one of the authors featured. Do check it out, the article is titled Who’s Writing Books For Kids in Singapore?.

What do you enjoy about writing for kids?It’s such a joy to share what I’ve learnt in life — everything from trivia, to life skills, character values, advice on dealing with disappointment — and package this in a fun reading experience, with mystery and adventure and humour. I also create free worksheets and learning materials, which are available on our website. 
Any tips on how to choose books for young readers?Start with the themes that your child might be interested in, like sports or travel or comedy. Let them read two or three chapters, and then allow them to stop if they aren’t interested. This will help them to be more open about sampling new books. Once in a while, they’ll find a series that excites them, and that’s when they’ll really bury their noses in the books.