Monday, September 2, 2013

weekend | kingdom games and zombie signalisers at HACKIDEMIA SINGAPORE

What: HacKidemia Singapore
When: 31 August 2013
Where: Silicon Straits CO.LAB 

We had a fabulous time playing with kids and parents at last Saturday's HacKidemia Singapore workshop, hosted by the Silicon Straits CO.LAB. There was a great mix of activities for everyone:

* Exploring littleBits (suitable for 5-8yrs)
* Exploring Algodoo, a physics simulation software
* Java programming via Eclipse/3D printing with Minecraft (suitable for 9-15 yrs)
* Scratch programming & MaKey MaKey (suitable for 5-9 yrs)
* Breadboard electronics (suitable for 8-15 yrs)
* KINGDOM game maker kit based on the 'Diary of Young Justice Bao'
* Making 'Zombie Signalizer' (flashing LED bracelet) based on 'Gung Ho vs Zombies'

I was actually a bit nervous that morning, because we were previewing two new projects – our KINGDOM game design tool, and the Zombie Signaliser kit from our Gung Ho Vs Zombies story series (developed with

But everything turned out great. The kids were such an inspiration! They settled down quickly and wasted no time designing their own quirky and amusing games.

With just the KINGDOM stencil and a whole lot of imagination, they made dragon games, galactic games, alien games, Candy Crush Saga-type games, and so many others. I was blown away by all the twists and hacks and mashups that they attempted. (Check out the video below, at the end of this post, for highlights.)

A big thank you to Nida and Ahmed for doing such a fantastic job at the Zombie Signaliser station. Many of the kids ran over and tried to zap me with their Signalisers. Some of the parents also wanted to try it on.

If you happen to see William Hooi (photo above), the ever enthusiastic organiser, please give him a hug for doing such a wonderful job. And all the volunteer mentors too. Thanks to them, it turned out to be a learning carnival to remember.

Here are some photos from the event, and a video at the end. If you'd like to catch the next HacKidemia Singapore workshop, at the Singapore Science Centre, you can get more information here.

Photos: Preetam Rai, Silicon Straits and Inkbox3D 

Bookmarks for the kids, sponsored by Inkbox3D
They also helped to make our recent batch of KINGDOM stencils, on their 3D printer.
Watch the process in the video below! 

Volunteer mentor Nida showing kids how to assemble their Zombie Signalisers, and teaching them the science behind this nifty DIY device. 

Kids loved the colourful wrist straps for the Zombie Signalisers, designed by

Our collection of KINGDOM game design stencils. The original batch was printed by Funbie Studios, and the second batch by Inkbox3D. As you can see here, we even tried to make some out of cardboard.

Here I am with our first batch of game designers. We had our own cosy little cubicle, so the kids could focus on their games and get really creative.

Another batch of game designers. I noticed that as the table got more messy, the game concepts got wackier too, heh.

The KINGDOM game design kit was originally based on our DIARY OF YOUNG JUSTICE BAO story series. But it also allows you to develop your own game concepts. 

At the Inkbox3D studio, making a KINGDOM stencil with their 3D printer.

Some interesting game pieces created at the workshop.

Someone made these cute game pieces and left them for me as a surprise! Thanks, my secret friend, whoever you are. :-)

And here is a video clip that sums up the KINGDOM session at HacKidemia: