Monday, October 14, 2013

learning | take a KINGDOM stencil home today

Our KINGDOM game design stencil is now on sale! All thanks to our awesome collaborator Inkbox 3D, a local company that supplies Singapore's Maker community with various 3D printing resources. Their online store also offers learning kits specially designed to inspire young scientists and designers. This week, we feature the friendly entrepreneur behind all this, Dennis Koh. We love his vision for taking KINGDOM to the next level!

Dennis Koh having fun with the KINGDOM kit. 

How does 3D printing help kids?
3D printing is a fast way to turn your designs into real products, and we can use it to help nurture kids to be creators and makers of innovative products when they grow up. We believe that the best way to learn something is by doing it, and the results are exponential when we allow our kids to start young. So we launched InkBox 3D to bring down the cost of 3D printing, and make prototyping more affordable for everyone.

What's your role in the KINGDOM project?
We printed a number of KINGDOM stencils for kids to use at a recent HacKIDemia workshop, and organised a demo at another HacKIDemia session to show kids how the stencils were printed. At these sessions, we saw the positive response from everyone. Moving on, the next step would be getting the KINGDOM stencils into the hands of educators who can use it to teach creative game design methodologies. I really wish to see KINGDOM reach that stage. Who knows, KINGDOM could one day even grow to become as common as 5-stones, marbles and other local childhood games.

What's so cool about all this?
This KINGDOM project can be the first step in introducing kids to basic prototyping and 3D printing technologies. It's really interesting how KINGDOM combines game design with collaborative learning, and it's also based on a Super Cool Books series, "Diary of Young Justice Bao". Yet, kids only need a simple stencil to engage their imagination and have fun. We want to promote more innovative learning kits like this. So if anyone else would like to collaborate with us on 3D printing projects, we are always open to new ideas!

You can buy a special KINGDOM package (includes stencil + "Diary of Young Justice Bao" book) from InkBox 3D's online store

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