Saturday, November 2, 2013

sg makers tour | telling stories and making art in KL

I spent half of this week in Kuala Lumpur, with fellow makers William Hooi (HacKidemia Singapore) and Bartholomew Ting. This was our very first Sg Makers Tour together! I had a chance to tell the Super Cool Books story at WebCamp KL, while Bart conducted a fun cardboard sculpture workshop at Mindvalley, and William facilitated a littleBits hacking session at Makespace. We stayed up at night exchanging ideas about crazy cardboard stories that we can create together. Watch out for these projects next year! & enjoy the pictures below.

 Me, William and Bart. Thrilled to be in KL!

This is me telling the Super Cool Books story at Mindvalley's famous Hall of Awesomeness. 

Bart's cardboard giraffe has become the Mindvalley design team's office mascot.  

Me, trying to memorise the Code of Awesomeness. 

Playing with Bart's cardboard pieces makes you feel young and excited all over again! 

Don't mess with her, she's having too much fun. 

The super-energetic Mindvalley design gang and their half-completed cardboard masterpiece.

Here's the finished piece of work! What a fantastic robot. We took turns posing with it. 

We also visited Makespace, a maker workshop and co-working hangout at SStwoMall. They have all sorts of tools and materials for you to create stuff with. You'll also find lots of creative people to collaborate with for your projects.

William assuring everyone that the littleBits set isn't just for kids, it's okay for grown ups to have fun with it too. 

We used the littleBits pieces to invent a device that makes weird but cool drawings. You might be seeing some of these illustrations in our future books!