Tuesday, November 26, 2013

sharing the message: YOU ARE CREATIVE TOO!

Hello, everyone! :-)
We have some Malaysia Specials today:  

#1: Brain Bytes e-learning portal featured our tips for kids, "3 Steps to create a Super Cool Comic book". Check out the article here. I'll be posting more about our collaboration with them soon. They have lots of nice learning workshops and stuff for kids.

#2: The Star newspaper ran the most comprehensive interview about Super Cool Books so far. Read it here, with accompanying reviews of Ghostly and Diary of Young Justice Bao here.

The article was written by Brigitte Rozario, who is also the author of the awesome The Adventures of Beebo & Friends picture book series for kids. You can follow her work here.

Do get our iPad story app, there's a free Sherlock Hong book waiting for you. :-)

Happy reading!