Saturday, November 9, 2013

telling stories at the Singapore Writers Festival 2013

photo by Tusitala, our app publishing partner

A big THANK YOU if you came by for our panel discussion this weekend at the Singapore Writers Festival! It was great to see so many of you interested in learning how to publish your own work, and eager to ask questions and share your views. You'll find much of the process explained throughout this blog, and please feel free to get in touch via our Facebook page if you have any other queries. :-) Here are some pictures from the event, I'll definitely remember this for a long time!

Our panel discussion on self publishing featured authors Shamini Flint, Eliza Teoh and me. Plus lots of writers in the audience who wanted to make their own books too! We enjoyed hearing from them. And I gave Shamini a copy of our Ghostly #1 (Foldable Fantasy edition) which I had printed at home that very morning.  


I took this photo just outside the main Festival tent and posted it on Facebook. To my surprise, lots of people Liked it! I'm still wondering if there's anything especially fascinating about this. If you have a clue, do let me know, okay? :-)

 photo by Tusitala

This is me answering questions during our panel discussion. From left to right, that's Eliza, Victor Tan the moderator, Shamini and me. We definitely shared enough information to help you get your own books out there! Who knows, some of you might be featured speakers at next year's Festival, or the year after. :-)

I also attended a fun-filled workshop about making comics, with the Etherington Brothers! Lorenzo (left) and Robin are absolutely buzzing with creative ideas and helpful tips. They're like rock stars. Spend just a minute around them, and you'll feel like you need to get their autographs.

More importantly, they really know how to share their craft in a simple and fun way. I'm proud to say that I've become a big fan! Watch our blog this coming week, I'll be posting about some of the ideas I learnt from them.

One of the Etherington Brothers' top selling works, Baggage. You can check it out here.

Robin and Lorenzo signed this for my sons. You can imagine how thrilled Mark and Luke are. They were beaming for an hour. And they're so inspired, they're calling themselves the Bosco Brothers from now on. You'll definitely see more of their work in our books next year! 

Our technology partner Tusitala created this awesome pack of stickers to promote our Super Cool Books iPad app. It features some scrawly artwork on a thick transparent sheet. Kids love this. Me too! A friend of mine even stuck one on his laptop, and there's one on my guitar already. Seriously, they look good everywhere.

At the Singapore Writers Festival bookstore tent ... it's the first time I've seen all our paperbacks together in the same display! We made a fresh batch of The Peranakan Princess (Sherlock Hong series #2) for this event, with an extra page promoting our new iPad ebookstore.

That's it! Do Like us on Facebook or send me an email to keep in touch. Thank you, everyone, for sharing this crazy adventure. Until we meet again, happy reading!