Friday, December 27, 2013

how to get your kids writing + enjoying it

We've been featured in this month's Connect webzine, sharing advice on how to get your kids more interested in writing. This was my contribution, I would love to hear if any of my ideas work for you too! :-)
“For young school-going kids, writing is all about two things: recording different impressions, and making connections. Help your kids practice both by playing fun games! 
Impressions: Pick an object, location or person. Take turns offering one description about what you chose. Get them to talk about feelings, sounds, smells and tastes. Encourage your kids to be creative and to play at it for as long as possible. Play the game in any situation or setting, such as during dinner or while travelling on a long trip. Your child will become more confident and resourceful while learning to describe things. 
Connections: Get a magazine or a product catalogue and pick three items. Using these items, form a short story consisting of a few sentences that link them. My sons love to play this! They come up with extremely silly stories, but the connections they make are always interesting and inspire more discussion.”
Here is the link again. The other contributors are:

* Sarah Lee-Wong, educator, blogger and social innovator at The Playful Parents

* Wendy Chua-Sullivan, author of the “All Kids R Gifted” series and founder of Wand Inspiration

* Dr Petunia Lee, principal consultant and author of “Internal Drive Theory: Motivate your child to want to study”