Saturday, December 7, 2013

new book | get ready for THOR THE GREATEST

Are you a fan of the awesome mythological heroes, like Thor? We are! Our new book for this Christmas season is THOR THE GREATEST. You can be one of the first to read this, if you get it direct from our Smashwords page. It will also be available through the other major ebookstores very soon. My older son designed the Thor logo and did the cover illustration. This is his first cover work for Super Cool Books, and as you can expect, he's quite thrilled.

More details soon. In the meantime, please tell all your friends! Thor is coming! :-)

An evil enemy wants to bring down Asgard. Can Thor save the day?
Thor of Asgard just celebrated his fifteenth birthday. Which means that he'll be asked to sing at the Feast of Songs! But something unthinkable happens that threatens the whole kingdom. Thor's investigation uncovers a trail of shocking secrets and takes him right into a dreaded enemy's lair!
This story is inspired by the great Norse folk tale, The Theft of Thor's Hammer. Featuring all the legendary characters: Thor, Odin, Freya, Loki, Balder and the King of the Frost Giants. A wonderful treat for young and old alike. 
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