Friday, February 7, 2014

interview | meet the designer behind our new cover for THOR THE GREATEST

Our design makeover continues! Here's the new cover we just completed, for THOR THE GREATEST. A big thank you to our designer Lily for coming up with all the different options to get us started. Lily does great photo-manipulation work, and if you look closely you'll see many of the story elements very subtly worked into the background. We managed to get Lily to answer some questions about herself and her work, and you'll find her links at the end if you're inspired to get in touch with her.


Please tell us about yourself!
My name is Lilia Dormisheva. I live in Bulgaria. Currently working as a salesperson in the field of cosmetics, and attending a driving course.

What was interesting about working on this cover?
I tried to put in something to set this apart from other book covers. Designing a book cover is an art and it is difficult to determine how it will be received. 

What advice do you have for designing book covers?
Well, don't be afraid to try something new and put feeling in the cover, because we all know that a good cover is a form of advertising, and will get more people to read the book. Do not be afraid to experiment and do not forget to show the author many examples of your cover to choose from.

Check out Lily's links: