Monday, February 3, 2014

interview | meet the amazing designer of our new GHOSTLY cover

Our creative team is giving all our titles a complete makeover, and this week we're pleased to share the new cover for our popular GHOSTLY book!

This design really captures everything that's great about the story: cool characters, a spirit of mystery and adventure, and also a nice sense of warmth and friendship as Zoe takes us with her on her urgent mission into an alternative realm to save her friends.

When I showed this cover around, everyone wanted to know more about the artist behind it. It's indeed a fascinating feat of photo-manipulation, combining images and textures and effects to put you in a wonderful mood to enjoy the book.

And so we're happy to introduce her here this week, Ms Verónica Martínez all the way from Argentina. We're so glad we had the chance to work with her on this, and you can bet there will be more magical covers to come.

You can check out her links at the end of the interview, and who knows, perhaps she can design your next book cover too. :)

Thank you, Verónica!


Do introduce yourself!
My name is Verónica Martínez, I'm from Argentina. I'm a freelance designer, a teacher and a bookworm. I love Photoshop, photography, animals and Mexican food. I've been working with Photoshop since I had my first computer in 1996.

Your work is amazing! How did you get so good at photo-manipulation?
I discovered Photoshop about 18 years ago, during a boring summer vacation at home. I was a high school student at that time and we didn't have an Internet connection! (Sounds like the middle ages now). I spent many hours playing with photos and effect, and soon photo-manipulation become my new hobby. I started reading everything I could find about Photoshop, and learning all about this amazing tool. After some time all my friends gave me photos to manipulate and play with. I discovered that I enjoy making an idea came to life in a photo, and creating unreal magical worlds, or very creepy ones. About a year ago I started working as a freelancer because I noticed that there are jobs out there that need my skill set, and I'm very passionate about what I make.

What did you enjoy about working on this cover
I like to choose the projects that I work on, and working with books is my favorite. First I read the story because all the concepts are drawn from the writing. I really enjoy making Ghostly's cover because I like the characters, and I can bring Zoe and Madam White Cat to life. Making the scenery on the other side of the portal was fun to do too.

Any advice for other designers who are making book covers?
In my opinion you must read the book. Every book is different, and you need to know the mood, the characters and the places to make the author's idea came through in a digital cover.

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