Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Xobon magazine says I'm a Creative Big Kid! Woo-hoo!

Credit: Thanks to Xobon for all the images here.

Xobon is a fun magazine for kids that celebrates imaginative play and creative expression. For their Creative Big Kid section this month, they're running a big Super Cool Books feature which includes an interview with me, a Foldable Fantasy minibook (My Blade Quest), as well as a writing and drawing worksheet based on the story. Readers can also win a copy of Diary of Young Justice Bao, if you send in your piece of creative writing. Do check out the magazine for details! (See page 15)

We're really impressed with everything that Xobon has managed to accomplish with its four great issues so far. We had a chat with the magazine's founder Soo about why she started Xobon and how storytelling can help kids become more creative. Enjoy her interview below, and remember to check out the magazine.

(By the way, "Xobon" is "No box" spelt backwards, because it aims to help kids think outside the box.)

Thanks to Xobon for featuring our work! :)

How would you describe yourself?
I'm a dreamer who enjoys retreating into a realm of my own. I like to let my mind wander and I push boundaries. I love toys and one of my favourite things to do is to visit toy shops. I am also a graphic designer/art director who makes commercial products visually appealing so that consumers will be attracted to them and use them.

When and why did you start Xobon?
I started Xobon in September 2013. I believe that children are naturally imaginative and creative, but many of us lose this instinct as we grow up. In Xobon, there is a regular section featuring creative adults called "Creative Big Kids". I want children to understand that adults can be creative and playful, no matter how old they are. And that pursuing a creative career is possible. Creating a magazine like Xobon is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I am loving every minute of making it!

How do you think kids benefit from reading and writing stories?
Reading and writing stories are excellent ways to let your creative juices flow. In a story, anything can happen. Stories take you places and lead you on exciting adventures. They are food for our souls. Kids learn to express themselves and be creative when they read and write. Through stories, they also learn about moral values.

Xobon is full of creative surprises, including lots of contributions from readers.  

How can parents help kids be more creative?
Parents can help kids be more creative by reading stories to them at a young age. Make storytime fun by having different voices for the characters in the book, and also by acting out the scenes. You can also make things together. Just use anything you find at home: laundry pegs, plastic bottles, shoe boxes, used envelopes, bottle caps, unwanted compact discs, etc. See what your kids can create. You'll be surprised! Or, write a story together. Today you can write a paragraph, and have your child continue with the next paragraph tomorrow, and then go back and forth. A week later, read the story together. Or, you can write the story while your child draws the scenes!

As you can tell, Soo has endless ideas for helping kids of all ages be creative!
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