Wednesday, June 4, 2014

update | taking SECRET ENGINES to Annecy next week

Great news: our mini comic SECRET ENGINES will be making its rounds at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France next week! From 9 to 14 June, associate producer Michael Lim will be there to meet with producers, animation studios and content distributors.

Michael co-founded the first Australian chapter of ACM Siggraph in Sydney, and founded the Singapore Visual Effects and Animation group on Linkedin and Facebook, currently with over 1,000 members. During his decade-plus career in film and TV production, he has also worked on many exciting movies including Moulin Rouge (uncredited) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (credited). He was previously the Assistant Director of the Animation and Digital Arts programme at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia.

Check out his introduction to SECRET ENGINES below, and do catch him at Annecy if you happen to be there! Meanwhile you can also read and download SECRET ENGINES #1 here.

by Michael Lim, Associate Producer
When I first read the mini-comic Secret Engines #1: The Manual of Heavenly Inventions by Don Bosco and Faye Stacey, I couldn't help echoing the character Carl in the animated film UP!: "Adventure is out there!" To say that this first issue made a really big impact on me would be an understatement.

It's one thing to come up with an original idea for a children's adventure series. But by combining a deep sense of history with a cool modern day setting, Don Bosco has created this large narrative canvas that is rich enough to go far beyond comic books, into novels and movies and games and even an animated franchise.

I was wholeheartedly intrigued by the idea of a secret society that held the keys to a manual that would change the future of the world, and having this book be the prize that the forces of good and evil fight over. To add suspense to the situation, the young heroes have to find and rescue their kidnapped parents at the same time. The world is ready for more great adventures in the vein of the Harry Potter and Tintin stories, and Secret Engines offers a first rate thriller package which will entertain audiences of all ages, wherever they might be.

"Adventure is out there!" I truly believe that this story fulfills the promise.