Sunday, July 6, 2014

sneak peek | the new ERIKA LIND dystopian thriller series, for older readers

Greetings! Cold and wet morning here today. Just wanted to share these ebook covers, this is the first time we're mentioning the new ERIKA LIND dystopian thriller series on our blog. So far everyone who has seen this promo image has expressed nothing but surprise, excitement and impatience, to read them all already! I'll be busy these few weeks tying up the loose ends and making sure the ebooks are packaged properly and go out on time. I'll post more information along the way, about the inspiration for this series and what you can expect in each story. We're also working on the new version of our Super Cool Books iPad app (click the App Store button on the top right corner of this blog if you'd like to download the current version) which comes with more stories and a snazzier design. Life is great when you're having fun. The future belongs to the young and brave! :) Take care, stay happy.