Saturday, August 30, 2014

thanks to STORYCODE SG for hosting our recent CAPTAIN CARDBOARD storyhacking workshop

Hello fellow readers. You are amazing. And time really flies. We had a wonderful time making friends and prototyping comic strips at the recent CAPTAIN CARDBOARD workshop. Thanks to everyone who came down and shared your creativity! Here's a nice write up by Marco Sparmberg on Medium, where he explains our storyhacking process, complete with the slides and worksheets so you can try this out at home too:
Captain Carboard VS Bruce Boh  
An ad-hoc storyhacking workshop from comics to cardboards
"For our StoryCode Singapore August LAB we teamed up with local writer Don Bosco and helped him to prototype the very first workshop for his latest social transmedia project. 
Don, being a tech savvy children’s content author, uses apps and other add-on functions to bring his books and novels to life. With his company Super Cool Books he tries to find new ways of giving written words a “second screen” and more immersive impact."
Read the article here 

It's the same process that I used to create this Captain Cardboard strip using the online Strip Generator tool (and some Photoshop to add the cardboard textures):

And here are the slides from the event:

About StoryCodeSG:
"StoryCode is an open-source, global community for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers. By developing, incubating and exhibiting innovative, immersive story forms, StoryCode serves creators, technologists and distributors of cross-platform narrative content. We invite enthusiasts and professionals alike “to storycode” — simply meaning, to tell a story in a new way, using the bounty of new tools at our disposal. Born out of the Singapore Transmedia Meetup group the StoryCode Singapore chapter continues to advocate and educate about new forms and formats of narrative experiences set in the media business context of Singapore as well as the South-East Asian region."