Monday, August 4, 2014

the stuff that spits stories into the world + long awaited SHERLOCK HONG update

The editing desk at Super Cool Books.
Head over to Medium and read my new article: THE STUFF THAT SPITS STORIES INTO THE WORLD | Introducing the setup I rely on to create fiction, sell books and have fun

In which I reveal some fascinating behind-the-scenes info:
. my eccentric approach to creating a work space
. the "chew, spit, rinse" method of getting stuff done
. what my dream setup might look like
. the biggest time saving trick/life hack secret that I picked up

All three Sherlock Hong mysteries are now available on the major ebook platforms! Grab them quick — The Immortal Nightingale (#1), The Peranakan Princess (#2), The Scroll of Greatness (#3) — and enter the amazing world of Sherlock Hong, enthusiastic and overly imaginative new member of the International Order of Young Seekers.