Friday, September 12, 2014

How to add magic to your fiction: three ways to give your fantasy stories a fresh kick

I love making up stories, and I love just as much encouraging everyone else to have fun making up your own stories too! Here's an article I published not long ago on Medium. If you're looking out for ideas to make your stories even more wonderful and enchanting, do read this and try out the suggestions. Happy storytelling! :)
How to add magic to your fiction Three ways to give your fantasy stories a fresh kick 
If you want to write magic fiction — that is, fiction about magicians living in a magical world and taking on magical challenges — there is a danger that your work might sound dated and corny, because no matter how talented you are, your stuff could still come across as being too influenced by Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. 
These two massively popular franchises have given wizarding culture a prominent, almost cartoonish presence in mainstream media. Potter and his friends are exceedingly cute and likeable, while Gandalf and Saruman are campy and Santa Claus-esque. Collectively they have succeeded in doing away with a lot of the mystery or reverence or awe that you might expect from the genre. 
But all is not lost. There was ways around this. If you wish to write stories that evoke a genuine appreciation of supernatural forces and exotic metaphysics, you could turn to an alternative tradition of fantasy storytelling inspired by Asian alchemy. May these three suggestions below inspire you to weave an original fantasy epic that’s fresh and innovative and superbly magical. 
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