Monday, October 6, 2014

A good mystery is like a catchy song, it’s so much more fun when you can share this with friends

Here are some photos from the start of the English Enrichment Programme series conducted by our partner Brain Bytes in Malaysia, and organised by YTL Land, DBKL and FrogAsia.

During the recent September holidays, students from around Sentul Raya had the chance to explore Book 1 of our mystery series “Diary of Young Justice Bao: The Case of the Grand Fish”, and take part in various activities to develop their creativity and improve their English.

There were Dramatic Reading sessions, where the children learned to read aloud with confidence; a Formal Writing activity, where they had a chance to compose an official notice similar to one found in the story; and extensive practice using the handy Chromebooks to search online dictionaries for the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Workshop leader Jimmy Leong from Brain Bytes taking the children on a learning journey 

The four participating schools so far are SJK (C) Chi Man, SK La Salle 1 Sentul, SJK (T) St. Joseph and SK Convent Sentul 2. We're truly excited and inspired to see the work that the children are doing.

Thanks to all the parents and school teachers for encouraging the children to be a part of this, and also to the Ministry of Education officials who came by to show their support for this community effort.

We’re most grateful to Litt Tak Sdn Bhd for generously sponsoring the BeyBlade toy kits, which were awarded to students for their outstanding participation.

If you’d like to organise something similar in Malaysia, do contact