Tuesday, October 21, 2014

mystery is in the air, and in our books too

Been a busy day here at the studio. Went over lots of designs and illustrations that our artists are creating for some new projects. Also spent time working on the Erika Lind series, which has been slightly delayed, but you can still expect two more books before Christmas. And of course the Super Cool Books iPad app: we're talking to some really brilliant people about doing something special with this. Hush hush for now but all will be revealed soon. Take care and enjoy your reading!


Year: 1891
Place: Singapore, Crown Colony

Join young Sherlock Hong, newest member of the International Order of Young Seekers, as he works with his friend Aisha to investigate secret conspiracies, expose criminal masterminds and solve braintwisting mysteries.

Book 1: The Immortal Nightingale
Book 2: The Peranakan Princess
Book 3: The Scroll of Greatness
+ more coming 

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