Saturday, November 1, 2014

free comic download: LEGEND OF THE CARDBOARD HERO

Here’s a free comic book for our younger readers.

We’ve been a big supporter of maker workshops for kids, and we came up with this idea after going on a tour with local cardboard artist Bartholomew T last year.

This free download includes the original comic story “Legend of the Cardboard Hero”, a special feature on Bartholomew T’s amazing work, and a brief introduction to the Captain Cardboard Storyhacking Workshop that we organised with StoryCode Singapore.

Do share this with any young cardboarders you know, let’s inspire them to dream bigger, build better and share with kindness.

Two young friends, Cindy and Faz, meet an old man who used to fight crime in 1960s Singapore as a cardboard-clad superhero. They want to help him revive his dreams, but they can’t decide if he’s just a little eccentric or outright crazy.

Thanks to:
Polly Tam (comic artist), Keith Perkins (lettering), Joseba Morales (illustrations), The Bosco Brothers (cardboard crafts), Bartholomew T & Pearly Ng (Tri-Wall Creatives), Marco Sparmberg & Jacqui Hocking (StoryCode Singapore), Alice Lin (Imagination Foundation)

Download the comic here (Google Drive).

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