Friday, December 19, 2014

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GHOSTLY by Don Bosco
a novella for children and teens

Strange things happen to Zoe and Seth after they find a mysterious scroll. They learn about its connection with the Ghostly Realm, and realize that there’s a creepy conspiracy to turn their school into a place of horrors! Zoe has to race against time to piece the clues together. Can they trust Madam White Cat? How will Demon Boy carry out his sinister plan? And what is Zoe's own secret? A fast paced adventure filled with scary, funny and magical moments.

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So I was rushing to the library when I saw my good friend Seth.
Seth and I used to hang out a lot. But then he joined the music club and spent most of his time playing the guitar. After that we didn't meet as often.
Seth waved. "Hey, Zoe! What's the rush? Is someone giving out free cuttlefish balls?"
Seth knows that they are the yummiest thing in the world to me. And he teases me about this all the time.
"Argh!" I groaned. "I forgot about my book report. I must get it done now. Or Miss Singam will eat me alive!"
Seth chuckled. "Don't worry. Miss Singam likes you. She'll give you more time to finish it. Hey, look here! Isn't this magical?"
And then Seth showed me what he was holding. He had folded a sheet of paper into some kind of winged creature.
I was amazed.
"Wowie-zowie-kapowie!" I exclaimed. "But, uh, doesn't your origami crane look a bit out of shape?"
Seth shook his head. "Not a crane. It's a dragon!"
At first I didn't believe him. But I took a closer look.
Seth wasn't kidding! It was indeed a dragon. The kind you see in movies and computer games, with a stern face and pointed tail and powerful wings.
Seth and I loved fantasy stuff. Like grand wizards and cool creatures and magical worlds.
I took the paper dragon from Seth. It seemed almost alive. I wished I had half his talent!
I was curious. "Where did you learn to do this?" I asked.
Seth said, "My brother showed me a video on YouTube. Some guy in Bangkok teaches origami to kids. And he put up all these free lessons. You like it?"
But before I could answer, I felt an unpleasant tingle in my fingers.
"Ow!" I howled. I almost dropped the paper dragon.
Seth looked worried. "What happened? Are you OK?"
My fingertips felt numb for a while. "Your dragon bit me!" I said, half annoyed. Then it occurred to me. "Is this some kind of prank, Seth?"
Suddenly we heard a sinister voice.
"What are you up to? Hand that to me, or else!"


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