Friday, December 19, 2014

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a novella for children and teens

Young Thor wishes for nothing more than to spend his days exploring Asgard with his companions Balder and Freya. But after his father Odin reluctantly shares an old secret with him, Thor is compelled to set off on a daring adventure that takes him deep into the dreaded lair of the King of the Frost Giants. Alone and desperate, Thor learns to trust his heart and recognise his noble calling to be a hero and a legend. This story is inspired by the great Norse folk tale, The Theft of Thor’s Hammer.

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I raced across the green plains and climbed the rocky slopes with the speed of a crazy animal.
The air was cold and the chill made my ears numb. I had to keep rubbing them or I was afraid they would freeze and fall off.
Still, there was a warm and happy feeling in my heart. I even hummed to myself all the way to Lake Kormt.
You see, it was a special year for me. I had just turned fifteen. And in three days it would be my turn to sing at the Feast of Songs.
For months and months, people had been asking me if I knew what song I would sing.
I always gave them a cheerful nod. But the truth was that I really didn't have a clue. And this made me worried.
Two years back, when my cousin Balder turned fifteen, he too had to sing his song.
I wasn't there, because I was too young to sit among the warriors at the ceremony, but I heard from all the grown ups that he did an amazing job.
In fact, he sang his song so well that from that day on the entire tribe treated him with great respect.
I so very much wanted to be like Balder. He was tall and handsome and one of the most skilful wrestlers in all of Asgard.
Balder promised me that if I looked for him just before the Feast of Songs, he would tell me how he did it.
And that was why I couldn't wait to get to Lake Kormt. I was eager to know his secret.


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