Sunday, June 28, 2015

Preview of more book covers + What’s really happening when children get lost in the books they love

Last week we posted a special preview of some new book covers that you’ll be seeing in our Super Cool Books iPad app. (Check out the designs.) Here are a few more. These will all go into the Kids section of our coming app update. There’ll also be two new sections this time around: Teens and Specials. Everyone is working very hard to get this ready. We’ll share more book covers soon.

Also last week, I was interviewed on the Asian literary website Kitaab. Read the full piece here. An extract, what I think is really happening when children get lost in the books they love:

“Kids always have a burning desire to be educated. This is something I noticed after becoming a parent. They go around the world and see everything as a mystery, a puzzle, a challenge to be figured out.

Even a silly joke book with toilet humour, or slapstick stories about clumsy kids behaving badly: children find great educational value in them. Just maybe not in the way that adults might approve of.

But children eventually outgrow their younger selves. When they’re older and they look back, they’ll treasure the books that provided them with kind insights and sincere companionship. They’ll appreciate authors who explain the tricky bits of life in an honest and non-judgmental way — like what JK Rowling managed to do with her Harry Potter series. And that’s how certain titles become classics. They’re educational like that.

Which is why when I work on my books, I remind myself that I’m not writing for children, I’m really writing for future adults.”


Enjoy the new covers, do send us a message if you have anything to share, we’d love to hear from you. Stay young and brave! :)

— D

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