Monday, July 27, 2015

Our SHERLOCK HONG series has been acquired by Marshall Cavendish, the new edition will be launched later this year with a few new stories

Sometimes we get to take our dreams a little higher. I'm thrilled to share that our SHERLOCK HONG book series has been acquired by Marshall Cavendish for an expanded international release. Which means there'll be more books coming out, a completely new look, and we'll also get full distribution around the world. Thank you for your awesome support, and your kids too. If you own an original Super Cool Books edition, do take good care of it, one day it will be a valuable collector's item. Because the future belongs to the young and brave!

About ten years ago, an illustrator friend of mine asked if I could come up with a cool story idea for a graphic novel. That was when Sherlock Hong was born. I wrote a short introduction for him, and came up with summaries for a few adventures. That project wasn't developed further. But I couldn't stop thinking about the character. And then in early 2012, I happened to be at a local creative writing school and we talked about the kind of books that we would love to publish. So I told them about Sherlock Hong. They were enthusiastic about the idea, and that was how I came to write the first Sherlock Hong novel, The Immortal Nightingale.

That creative writing school was Monsters Under the Bed. The same day that we finally got the publishing contracts sorted for the new Sherlock Hong edition, last week, I also received a surprise phone call from Eugene Tay, the founder of Monsters Under the Bed. He was inviting me to a launch party to celebrate their new workshop space at 492 Changi Road. That was wonderful news! I went down and said "thank you" in person. For helping to promote the very first Sherlock Hong story, back when it was just an ebook that I had created on my laptop at home.

Since then, we've produced three Sherlock Hong adventures and a number of fun learning events. We've also received generous support from many other readers. We'll be featuring them in the coming weeks.

There's an old African saying, that it takes a village to raise a child. In the same way, I've learnt that it takes an entire community to make a book successful. No author can do it alone. And these days, no single publisher either. I'll be really busy this week making plans for the new Sherlock Hong edition, and also finishing up the first of many new stories for this young detective. This time, there is so much more excitement in the air. So much joyful anticipation. Because I know Sherlock Hong belongs to all of us.

I wish you happy reading!

— D 

Blast from the past! A photo from early 2012. 
Eugene Tay, founder of Monsters Under the Bed,
with some copies of the very first Sherlock Hong paperback edition.
Last week I visited Monsters Under the Bed's
new workshop space along Changi Road.
It's a cosy and colourful hideaway for young writers
to develop their imagination and learn to craft their own stories. 

Here I am with Leroy Lam from Monsters Under the Bed. 
He's also working on launching the MonstroCity virtual learning world for kids.
He wrote a short story in the Saga compilation.

BONUS: A gallery of Sherlock Hong designs over the years.
They bring back lovely memories. What an awesome journey
so far. And so many more new adventures to come!